About Us

Tamworth Sub Aqua Club

TAMSAC is a branch of the British Sub-Aqua club and we have been established just over 50 years. Like many other SCUBA clubs our membership is drawn from a wide diversity of backgrounds but with a common and enthusiastic interest in diving. We have a strong membership which benefits from excellent training facilities together with a full diving and social calendar. As a club we welcome anyone from complete novices to experienced divers trained by other agencies.


We Dive

Our club branch name is a little misleading. We actually meet and train in Walsall, West Midlands. We normally meet every Tuesday evening at the Gala Baths in Walsall – a large 4 metre deep pool which can easily meet all our needs for weekly training sessions. We regularly visit the local diving site at Dosthill as well as the National diving centre at Stoney Cove. We have an enthusiastic team of experienced Instructors supporting a membership at all levels of qualification.

We Learn

The British Sub-Aqua club’s (BSAC) established programme of training is a safe and above all enjoyable way of learning to dive. Joining a SCUBA club like TAMSAC allows you to progress at your own pace with loads of support. The added advantage is a friendly club based environment with regular meetings, great facilities and a full programme of organised trips to locations around the UK and abroad.


We Socialise

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Why Choose Us

Active Club

We are a very active and social dive club we have a large practice pool which is over 4m deep and we meet every week.

Regular Trips

We organise several trips every year, please see our calendar to see the types of dive sites we visit.

Long History

We have been established for over 50 years our club members have a vast array of knowledge to help you get the best out of your diving.

What Our Members Say

I Looked at several places to dive two PADI dive centres and 2 BSAC clubs I decided a club was better for me as you dont just get qualified you get the help of people who become your friends. I choose Tamworth SAC because they were really helpful and gave me loads of great advice even before I became a member
Jon Wainwright
Open Water Diver

Sub Aqua Club


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We were booked on MY Charlotte , a British boat owned by Paul Cooper of Bavaria Blue Safari.

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