Tamworth sub aqua club is a member of BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) 

BSAC training is respected the world over for being robust, person-centred and for developing excellent self-reliant scuba divers.

From absolute beginner to the more experienced, BSAC provides an extensive training programme that enables divers (and snorkellers) to progress through skills and qualifications at their own pace. Hundreds of thousands of people have learned to dive with BSAC and from there have gone on to discover the wonders of the underwater world, both at home and overseas. 

With BSAC, skills are taught progressively, with each new experience built upon step-by-step. This combination of theory, pool sessions, open water skills and continual technique practice enables you to develop your diving in a safe and enjoyable way.

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BSAC Qualifications

The BSAC Ocean Diver course is open to anyone from the age of 12. 

You’ll just need to demonstrate that you can comfortably swim 200m in a pool, and the only kit you’ll need is a swimsuit and towel.

If you already have some diving experience with an entry-level qualification and want to take your underwater adventures to the next level, Sports Diver is your next step in BSAC’s Diver Training Programme.

You will broaden your experience in a variety of challenging open-water conditions, and learn essential techniques to prepare you for diving to a maximum of 35 metres.

To enrol on a Sport Diver course you must have successfully completed an Ocean Diver course (or have equivalent certification from another recognised training agency) and be aged 12 or older, but you need to be 14 or older to progress to depths greater than 20m post qualification.

This course is perfect for BSAC members who want to take a more active role in their club.

As a Dive Leader you become an essential team member helping to organise activities at your BSAC club.

The training also prepares you to dive to depths of up to 50 metres in a range of challenging conditions, following a series of post-qualification depth progression dives.

To enrol on a Dive Leader course you must have successfully completed a Sport Diver course (or have equivalent certification from another recognised training agency) and be aged 14 years or older.

Sports Divers aged between 12 and 14 can complete the elements of Dive Leader training that do not require diving deeper than 20m.

Advanced Diver training is essential for Dive Leaders who want to organise diving to places they’ve not been before, or Open Water Instructors who want to become Advanced Instructors.

To enrol on an Advanced Diver course you must have already successfully completed a BSAC Dive Leader course (or have equivalent certification from another recognised training agency) and you must be at least 14 years old.

The highest diver grade First Class Diver is a challenging award to attain. It takes significant dedication, experience and training to get there – but the view from the top is worth it!

There are many reasons why divers want to achieve First Class Diver success, the main one often being the pure personal achievement of earning your place at the very top of the BSAC diving community. You will have demonstrated to BSAC’s most experienced instructors that you can lead safe but challenging national and international diving expeditions.

Also, if you want to progress from Advanced Instructor to National Instructor you will need to be a First Class Diver.

To enrol in First Class Diver training you must have successfully completed an Advanced Diver course. You will also need to have completed 100 dives in a range of conditions since qualifying, at least 20 of which must show experience of diving to depths greater than 30m.

You must also have successfully completed the following SDCs:

  • Chartwork and Position Fixing
  • Diver Coxswain Award
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Practical Rescue Management
  • Advanced Lifesaver
  • First Aid for Divers

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